Innovation is the realisation of an idea in a solution that adds value. 

Every business needs to innovate to survive. 

Business leaders recognise this, but often don’t have the resource or the time.

Innovation is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We have a wealth of experience in delivering innovation projects, and also have some pretty nifty ideas up our sleeve! So, whether you need to generate an idea or you need someone to help you achieve your ideas, we have a process to be tailored to suit you:

  • Inspiration:  if you need to do something different, whether it be to improve or differentiate your business, we can work with your team through a series of facilitated workshops to generate inspiration and solutions.
  • Vision: the outcome of the Inspiration Workshop is a clear understanding of your vision, this is our Innovation Success Contract for the project
  • Creativity: turning your vision into reality requires creativity; we can lead this process through research, contact with industry peers, experience and unrestricted creativity
  • Analysis: once the idea takes shape we can analyse and test it against the market, similar products or against your own internal processes, to realise and test the full potential of the innovation
  • Team leadership: we have a wealth of experience in leading successful innovation project, particularly digital based built-environment initiates, so we can lead your team to success and add real value to your business, then the Innovation Success Contact is signed-off as complete.

Our current projects: